We selected Midwest Automotive Designs because of their customer support and warranty service. Midwest Automotive Designs’ warranty is a 3-year bumper to bumper warranty on all their Daycruiser, Weekender, Ford and Mercedes Passage, and Promaster Legend vans.


Photo of Midwest Automotive Designs 4x4 Mercedes Sprinter Wheelchair accessible van.
Our experience with Midwest Automotive Designs during our ownership of a custom-built wheelchair-accessible van, Sparkles, is why we entered the RV business. Midwest Automotive Designs’ warranty and customer support were second to none.

My wife and I have driven B vans as our daily drivers for the past 10 years. We once owned Sparkles, a custom 2016 Midwest built for wheelchair access. We wanted to be among the first with a 4×4 van so we ordered the chassis in 2015 and it took over a year to be shipped from the factory. Midwest Automotive Designs built it and I flew up to drive it home. 

Upon arrival, she came out to inspect and literally started crying. Neither they nor I had the forethought to make aisles wide enough for her to pass. I called Tim, the owner of the company (they have since sold out and are part of Rev Group but Tim is still in charge), and told him that she cried and he told me to come back and they would redo it. I brought it to them, they totally redesigned some elements of the interior and she was happy. When I arrived to bring it home, I fully expected to pay for my mistake. They did not charge a thing.

Quick Attention to Warranty and Repair Issues

When I decided to sell the van last summer, I experienced problem attracting a sale because of the wheelchair lift. I called the factory and asked if they could convert it back to a regular van. They told me yes and I drove it up to Elkhart, Indiana. While there, they noted that the fridge cooled less than it should, frayed carpet, minor tears in the upholstery, and an electrical gremlin that prematurely drained the battery. They fixed all and even changed the fridge! None of this was warranty and when I pulled out my checkbook they went really easy on me! I could not believe the concern this company had for me, the owner!

New Midwest Automotive Designs RV Dealer

Tim showed up to ask me what I would be doing after I sold it. I told him that I had my eye on a Roadtrek that was deeply discounted because of the Roadtrek bankruptcy. He looked at me and I could see he was personally hurt that after all he had done to take care of me, I would consider another brand. I slept on it and realized he was right! He and I talked and I became not only a Midwest Automotive Designs dealer, but also an RV Dealer. I never worked a car lot in my life!

Midwest Automotive Designs’ Warranty commitment is the RV business

Customer service like Midwest’s does not exist in the RV world. I truly got a white glove experience and they continue to offer the same to other customers. When on the road, most manufacturers will expect you to have the unit serviced by an authorized dealer. Most authorized dealers will tell you there is a 4-6 week wait to even get an appointment in the busy season. Some authorized dealers won’t even work on your rig if you didn’t buy from them. Midwest will tell you to pull into any place that will fix it and they’ll give them a credit card so you can be on your way. 

NO Roadtrek, Winnebago, Airstream, Thor, Pleasureway or any other class B dealer can say the same about the product they represent. Buy a Midwest Automotive Designs class B van; because we have very little overhead, Van.Life will be your low cost dealer. Use our configurator to build the perfect van http://van.life/product or contact us using our webform at https://van.life/contact-us.

Midwest Automotive Designs warranty text

Midwest warrants to the original purchaser (the “Purchaser”) that, subject to the exclusions and other limitations set forth herein, all parts and components installed by Midwest as part of its conversion package to an automotive van or light truck chassis (the “Unit”), which are sold in and remain in the United States and Canada, will be free from defects in materials used and workmanship rendered: (a) for a period of thirty‑six (36) months from the date a Unit is first delivered to the original retail purchaser or thirty‑six thousand (36,000) miles, whichever occurs first, for Units used for non-commercial purposes or (b) for a period of twelve (12) months from the date a Unit is first delivered to the original purchaser if the Unit is used for commercial purposes. 

Midwest Automotive Designs warranty downloadable pdf

You can download Midwests’ 2020/2021 warranty here: https://van.life/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/2020-2021-Midwest-Automotive-Designs-Warranty.pdf

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